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Meet power lady Bianca Bangstrup, the owner of VITAVIVA VITAVIVA is an online vitamin store who sells vitamins for all kind of needs and purposes. Archive Store is a proud reseller and that's why we would love to tell you more about this interesting lady behind the brand.

Bianca Bangstrup, owner of VITAVIVA

Could you describe yourself in one word?


What’s the full name of your children and how old are they?

'William 19 years, Valdemar 17 years, Villas 15 years, Vitus 11 years – and then I have 2 bonus children Mads-Emil 16 years and Gustav 13 years.'

How do you create a balance between your work and family life?

'It has definitely become easier the older the boys have become. I’m divorced from the father of my kids, which means that I have them every other week – so one week with kids and one without. And that creates the balance. When the kids are with us, I always come home from work at 15 o’clock, so I’m in the house when they are back from school. And during the weeks without kids, I work a lot and schedule my traveling.'

All the boys and Bianca's husband

What has been the biggest learning curve like a mother?

'I was quite young when I had my first child – 23 years old – so that meant that at an early age I've had a lot of responsibility and it has never disappeared and will never. When you have children you explore an extreme love and at the same time a huge responsibility. In one way I thought that by the boys would get older, I would feel less responsibility and get more “loose” about them. That’s not the case at all. And let’s see if it will ever happen.'

What is one thing you hope to teach your children?

'Self-esteem and self-confidence and respect.'

What do you do for a living?

'I’m the owner of VITAVIVA – We produce and sell all kind of supplements.'

How did you come up with the concept of Vitavita?

'I was brought up into this world. My parents started Vitaviva back in 1999. I have always been a part of it in some way and then 8 years ago I took over the company and re-branded the whole company. Since supplements have been a very natural part of my life, I wanted to change the brand into being more focused on lifestyle and prevention. That's what we did. Today we have 2 lines: Vitaviva which is our basic vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and VITAVIVACIOUS which is our lifestyle brand focusing on beauty, detox, alkalizing etc.'

What are your top 3 health tips for pregnant women?

'Actually, I have a very important tip for women thinking of getting pregnant: take your supplements and live healthily. At the moment you get pregnant, your child is created. And we want the base of creation to be optimal. Too many women don’t take supplements until they are aware of their pregnancy. And typical that’s 7-8 weeks into the pregnancy. That’s too late. Unfortunately, we still see a lot of children that are born with malformations. In VITAVIVA we are really focusing on this subject. We want to inform women about this. If they knew they would, of course, do it. But the problem is that the general information – also in this area – is so bad. Also, low fertility is an area that we focus on. Their supplements and a healthy lifestyle plays a huge role.'

Why should women buy VitaMama?

'VITAMAMA is a special combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics and omega 3 oils tailored to future mothers. VITAMAMA is recommended 3 months before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after birth throughout the breastfeeding period. VITAMAMA is a convenience pack of 30 individual bags - each with a daily dose so they are easy to bring with you on the go.'

What makes VitaMama different from other pregnancy dietary supplements?

'As soon as the first thoughts about pregnancy are born, it is extremely important to think about giving the body the right building blocks. This is very important in relation to preventing possible malformations in the child and also in order to increase fertility. Both men and women benefit from balancing the right diet, lifestyle and supplements to increase fertility. VITAMAMA contributes its unique combination of vitamins, minerals, and good fats to create a good foundation for the body and thus boosting fertility.

Several studies indicate that vitamin B6 helps to increase progesterone production, thus affecting the ability of the fertilized egg to attach to the uterus. Likewise, studies indicate that the body is more susceptible to fertilization if there is a certain level of vitamin D in the blood - conversely, it may have a negative effect on fertility if the woman suffers from vitamin D deficiency. In addition, Omega 3 is crucial in terms of fertility, as it increases natural reactions during a menstrual cycle, as well as Omega 3, contributes to reducing inflammation in the body, which can also help to increase fertility. Finally, Q10 should be emphasized, a vitamin-related substance that actively forms part of the body's energy conversion and energy production. We can form it ourselves, but production declines from the age of 20 years. Q10 has a direct and indirect effect on the desire for sex and sexual function. During the pregnancy, diet, and nutrition, including certain vitamins, are extremely important for pregnant women.'

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