Stefanie from Klaever Health | Conversation with an orthomolecular nutritionist

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Stefanie is orthomolecular nutritionist and proud owner of Klaever Health.

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Could you describe yourself in one sentence?

'I’m Stefanie Klaver, 32 years, and since I can remember on a mission to make people live a healthier life and feel better. '

What do you do for a living?

'Two years ago we started Klaever Health. An all-in-one health concept based in Amsterdam. We offer personal training programs, nutritional advice, lab tests, massages, juices and smoothies plus we sell high quality supplements. We try to support people in their wellbeing on a very personal level. I’m very thankful that I can live from the things that I love doing most.'

How did you come up with the concept of Klaever Health?

'I was working as a nutritionist for quite some time and was always trying to support my clients as complete as possible. This means not just focusing on nutrition but also on excercise, getting the right supplements in if needed, focusing on relaxation and mental health… I worked with a few different specialists but they weren’t connected to each other at all. It felt like it wasn’t as efficient as it could be. I started missing an health concept such as Klaever Health. I decided to create it together with my partner in crime Melisa and here we are! The first year we did everything with the 2 of us. Now we have a team of more than 15 people and it’s really great to see how the dream is coming to life.'

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What makes Klaever Health different from other gyms?

'I think the fact that we’re not a gym ;) We do have our own gym but that’s only a part of our complete concept. The combination of things makes us special.'

What are your top 3 health tips for pregnant women?

'1. Be soft

2. Create me-time

3. Find yourself a nutritionist ;)'

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'Our pregnancy program is a combination of personal training and nutritional- and lifestyle advice.'

Can you tell me more about the pregnancy program at Klaever Health?

'Our pregnancy program is a combination of personal training and nutritional- and lifestyle advice. There’s an option to upgrade with lab testing for example on hormones, vitamins/ minerals/ food sensitivities. We always sit down with our potential new client before we start a program with them to screen what their need is. These programs are actually not standard but always custom made as it’s such a personal thing. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to this if you’d ask us! We do not only support woman who are already pregnant but we also support woman who want to get back on track after their pregnancy. Next to this our therapists can also support woman with infertility problems. In the last case we always work with lab tests to get an insight on possible imbalances in the system.'

When you get a quiet moment, what do you like to do most?

'I’ve got a very active mind, always full of ideas and thinking of way’s to improve what were doing. Yoga, meditation and dog walks are things that are essential for me to also really become quiet and relaxed. Essential to stay happy and healthy myself.'

Picture by Manon Klaver |

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